Mary Bielski


When Mary is not speaking or working in ministry, you will find her enjoying the arts, playing or watching sports (especially Notre Dame Football), dancing, enjoying a cup of coffee, and laughing with her closest friends.  An outgoing and playful spirit, Mary can carry a conversation with anyone she meets and is a woman of great depth.  Her story is one of searching, a journey to fulfill the longings of her heart, only finding rest in God’s loving embrace.


Born in Indianapolis, Mary grew up in a dynamic, loving family as the youngest of five children. With both parents involved in ministry and Catholic evangelization, the seeds of faith were impressed upon her at a young age. As an active teen, Mary was involved in student council, three varsity sports, and leadership roles in high school. To all, she seemed to have her act together, but internally Mary’s high school years were a time of great struggle. She wrestled with deep questions about herself, life, and God.

Mary, like so many teens, sought answers to these questions in the world.  In college, she lived her faith in the gray, with one foot in the party scene and the other in church.  “I swayed back and forth between those two worlds because it’s easy living in the middle,” Mary says.  “But when God calls us, He calls us TOTALLY – just like Jesus on the cross.  He desires not just part of our hearts, not just part of our lives.  He desires all of us.  This is the heart of ALL4HIM Ministries.”

In the summer after her freshman year of college, this “total call” swept into Mary’s life and heart and led to a strong conversion of faith that changed her life forever. Through the witness of beautiful Carmelite nuns, a dedicated youth minister, and a number of grace-filled events, Mary encountered the intimate love of Jesus and the call to live a life totally for Him.

This love led to answers that began to fulfill the deep searching within Mary. She added a second major in Theology at Marquette University and began to live her passion through youth ministry in her home parish. As a core member for eight years, Mary began to speak and share her stories in neighboring dioceses. Now, Mary speaks across the country, sharing her heart and her love for God.

Mary currently lives in South Bend, Indiana where she worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for six years. In 2009, Mary felt God’s call and took a leap of faith, leaving her job and immersing herself full-time in ALL4HIM Ministries.

Her prayer is that you will encounter the tender love of the Lord and be set free to live All for Him.

Mary is available to come to your parish and/or diocese to share a message of Christ’s love.


  • Emcee or Host retreats and events
  • Give talks on a wide range of topics
  • Design a workshop tailored to your retreat theme


Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski