Help! I’ve Been MACED!

pepper-spray2I’m getting my masters in Theology at ND Seminary. So I get to hang with future priests all day and talk about God and the Church. It’s every Catholic nerd (**ahem** = Me) woman’s dream.

Due to my studies and ministry travel, I haven’t been able to blog. My days are filled with writing papers, reading the Church fathers, talk prep; and exciting moments like Monday’s class:

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#5-10-15 Prayer Challenge

prayerchallengePeople keep asking about the #5-10-15 prayer challenge being posted on Twitter. So I wanted to give the basics and invite you all into some accountability with simple daily prayer.


At Steubenville San Diego. I was in prayer Sunday morning and wanted to give teens a way to start a prayer life that is easy, simple, and accountable. So God birthed #5-10-15

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The Annunciation- NOLA or BUST

The Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner 1896Sometimes God surprises us.

On the feast day of the Annunciation, I am sure Mary was surprised.

Boom!… An angel appears–That was a big day.

An angel has never appeared to me, nor have I given birth to God. But there are moments that we are all faced with questions. Not just questions about life.   But questions about trust. Will I surrender “my plan” for God’s?”… Will I trust Him? Continue reading

Beauty In Weakness


I don’t want to be vulnerable, weak, or needy.

Last week, I was meeting friends for lunch. I was just having one of those “I feel crappy about myself days.” I was tempted to give the typical “I’m good” answer when they asked me how I was.

I was afraid to look like I didn’t have it all together. I wanted to be strong, competent, and in control of my life. When, in reality, I was far from it…. CONTINUE READING

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore? You look in the mirror and think: Who am I? What is my life all about?

In my Freshman year of college, I faced an identity crisis. Okay, I know what you’re thinking – identity crises = 50 year old dude who buys a red Ferrari and moves to the coast. My crisis was on a lesser scale. But it was a time I didn’t know who I was as a college student. In an effort to “reinvent” myself, … CONTINUE READING

Prepared for Advent? 3 lessons from Mama Mary

iStock_000004085167_ExtraSmallAHHHHhhhhh!  I already feel like a Christmas slacker. My tree is still not up, nor is my house decorated. As I confessed my holiday guilt to a close friend, she abruptly interrupted, “Mary, you can’t set up your tree yet. You haven’t prepared your heart for Advent!” Her words sent me into deep reflection and left me wondering…What does “preparing our hearts for Advent” even mean? Continue reading

My Turkey Day! [Mary Moments v1]

This may be a week late. But I figure that after I went and told you how to behave on your Turkey Day that it’s only fair for me to share how things went down on my end.

For starters, my Thanksgiving Day celebration was truly awesome. My family has a beautiful tradition of taking the time for each person to share what he or she is thankful for. This all takes place as we pass around a chalice, or the “loving cup,” as we like to call it. I was really touched by dad’s words in particular this year. Continue reading

5 Tips to avoid turkey day drama

[How Not to Hit Your Sister Over the Head With the Fire Truck]

Ahhh, Turkey Day is here. So is good cooking, football, and time off from work and school. Bring on the fuzzy feelings! For me, it’s all about a warm slice of pumpkin pie piled with a mountain of whipped cream.

Those fuzzy feelings don’t last when family drama enters the scene. We all know how easily the weirdness can start—a snide comment here, some awkward silence there. Then Aunt Shelly asks some strange questions Continue reading