Help! I’ve Been MACED!

pepper-spray2I’m getting my masters in Theology at ND Seminary. So I get to hang with future priests all day and talk about God and the Church. It’s every Catholic nerd (**ahem** = Me) woman’s dream.

Due to my studies and ministry travel, I haven’t been able to blog. My days are filled with writing papers, reading the Church fathers, talk prep; and exciting moments like Monday’s class:

Help, I’ve been Maced!

A dear seminarian friend of mine (who will remain nameless for my blog) was sitting next to me taking notes and saw my shiny pink spray, labeled “mace” attached to the key chain. (Pause: I think guys don’t read instructions. Or it is some primal instinct to touch, explore, or build. Who knows?) Ok, in his defense, it does look like a flashlight. But either way, you see where this is headed.

I’m going to die!

All I know is one minute I am taking notes on “666” the “mark of the beast” (cool stuff in Revelation). The next minute I think the end times has arrived! I’m coughing, can’t breath, and literally wheezing “huuuh” “huuuh” for air. I didn’t understand still why I was dying. (I thought it was my body rejecting the new nutrition shake I took that morning! Ha)

Nope. The whole room filled with deacons in collared black clerics had to evacuate, coughing. WE HAD BEEN MACED! Hilarious.

The Greatest Weapon:

No matter how the enemy tried to wreck your days, disturb your peace, or change your plans. Take courage and laugh. We can arm ourselves with a much greater weapon: joy!

I don’t think we need to add pink mace spray to the arsenal.







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