Ladies!!! 3 Old Testament Heroines Every Woman should know

w OT heroicsAs we all know behind every great man, is a great woman. Growing up, I only knew the major stories of the Old Testament which highlighted heroic male leaders: Moses lead Egypt to freedom, David was a great king, and Abraham was a faithful patriarch (the list goes on).

At first glace, there only seems to be stories about men. Most of us just think, great women didn’t exist before the New Testament. But this is NOT true…

Laced in the Old Testament are incredible stories of heroics woman who play a powerful part in the story of redemption–We should know these women!

So I created a blog series to introduce us to a few.

Day 1… (Drum Roll) is Ruth

Faith and Loyal Friendship

Ruth, Ester (and Judith) are the only books whose main character are women.

The name Ruth means, “friendship,” which is central theme to the story. Ruth is not a Jewish woman, but a Moabite (a decedent of Lot instead of Abraham). Moabite’s worshiped pagan idols and were enemies of Israel.

Ruth is married to one of Naomi’s sons.

Famine and misfortune strike and Naomi’s husband and two son’s (including Ruth’s husband) die. Tragic.  I am sure Naomi felt abandoned by God. Ruth had no blood relations to Naomi, but In this moment of total conflict, Ruth stands by Naomi’s side. Her most famous verse:

Where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge, your people will be my people and your God will be my God. (1:16)

Now, that is a friend!

I have had some friendships that have been short, other long. I have had amazing moments with laughter, adventures, and long girl-talk over glasses of red wine. I just had one last night with my friend Stephanie, we talk for two hours.

But even more than the laughter, it is in the struggles when true friendship shows its face.

I had a girlfriend call me with the tragic news that her husband was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer. We cried together and I pray I can be like Ruth. To say to her: “Where you go, I will go.” Through ugly-cries, financial trials, fear, and even death, I will stand with you.

Here is a picture of some of my Ruths… My sisters-in-Christ who stand with me  in my struggles.

IMG_9048We all need to be Ruths and we need Ruths so we can endure those storms.

Ruth leaves her pagan culture (EVERYTHING) and escapes the famine with Naomi to Israel. Not only that, but she seeks to serve Israel’s God and marries Boaz, an Israelite, becoming the great-grandmother of David, Israel’s greatest King!

And in doing so, by being faithful she became a heroic woman to remember…a blood line to Jesus and a faithful friend.

  • Today, give thanks to the friends that have walked with you through storms.
  • Send a sweet message, text, or card to them. Give gratitude for your Ruths.
  • But more than that… be a Ruth today.

No matter how hard the trial gets, let’s be girl-friends that don’t gossip or cause drama,  but will walk beside our friends in the storm… and dance with them in the rain.


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