Mary Bielski

Christian Motivational Speaker Mary Bielski Shares Jesus With Teens:

All4Him Ministries is a national, youth ministry focused on evangelism to youth, particularly Catholic Teens.  All4Him was founded is 2006 by Christian motivational speaker, Mary Bielski.  Bielski, devout Catholic and Indiana native, graduated with a double major in Theology and Psychology from Marquette University.  In 2009, Mary left her job as a sales rep to pursue ministry full time.

In 2010, All4Him ministries partnered with Life Teen, a Eucharist-based ministry, which considers themselves "a movement in the Holy Spirit."  Life Teen, like All4Him Ministries, believes in a spirituality that has the power to transform teens, parishes, and ultimately culture.  Life Teen works in over 1,500 parishes all over the world.

Bielski uses humorous skits and engaging presentations. Her message is clear: being a Catholic doesn't have to be boring.  Many Christian motivational speakers focus on just a Protestant audience, but the heartbeat of All4Him Ministries is for those young, Catholic "pew sitters" who need their faith ignited.  Mary's passion and energy are contagious. Her humor as well as vulnerable stories, inevitably make her audience laugh and cry.  Paul George, founder of Adore Ministries, commented on Mary's speaking:

"Mary Bielski is one of the most gifted speakers in the Church today.  Her passion for Jesus is evident in her life and in her ministry.  Mary has a unique ability to communicate the Gospel in a relevant manner as well as to draw people into a deep encounter with God.  There is no doubt that she is a true gift and blessing in the Church."

Mary is a popular, Christian, motivational speaker at youth conferences, and parish and diocesan events.  Speaking topics vary from the Mass, Holy Spirit, and Sacraments, to sexual purity and self-esteem.  She is also available to speak at workshops and emcee youth events.

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Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski