Mary Bielski

Catholic Youth Minister Mary Bielski Ministers to Teens:

There is a growing need for Catholic youth ministries around the world to disciple teens and help them understand their faith. In 1998 at the World Day of Prayer, Pope John Paul II spoke this proclamation:

"This is what is needed: a Church for young people, which will know how to speak to their heart and enkindle, comfort, and inspire enthusiasm in it with the joy of the Gospel and the strength of the Eucharist; a Church which will know how to invite and welcome the person who seeks a purpose for which to commit his whole existence; a Church which is not afraid to require much, after having given much; which does not fear askingf from young people the effort of a noble and authentic adventure, such as that of the following of the Gospel."*

Catholic youth minister Mary Bielski is spending her life making those words a reality.  Her desire is to reach as many teens and young adults with this message of hope, that no matter what they are going through God can bring redemption to their lives.

Mary has been a part of various Catholic youth ministries for nearly a decade and has had the privilege of speaking to over 35,000 teens. In 2006 she began her own Catholic youth ministry, All4Him ministries. The heart of All4Him is to present young people who grow up in the Catholic Church with the reality of the gospel: the power and the love of Jesus Christ. Mary longs to see teens set free from their fear and insecurities, from seeking love in "all the wrong places."

In another speech, Pope John Paul II extended his call for the church to focus more on Catholic youth ministry and to take responsibility to mentor the youth.

 "What is needed today is a church which knows how to respond to the expectations of young people. Jesus wants to enter into dialogue with them and, through his body, which is the church, to propose the possibility of a choice which will require a commitment of their lives. As Jesus with the disciples of Emmaus, so the church must become the traveling companion of young people..."**

Bielski is one person who stepped into the role as "traveling companion" to young people on their journey of faith.

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Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski