Mary Bielski

National Speaker Mary Bielski speaks to Catholic Teens about Christ:

Life in the Catholic Church is marked by tradition. Many people grow up going through the motions. They kneel, take the Eucharist, and walk out. They go to mass, hear the liturgy, and say the same thing, but at the end of the day, the life-changing message of the gospel hasn't necessarily affected them.

This was national speaker Mary Bielski's story. She grew up in the tradition of Catholicism, but it was not enough to keep her holding onto God when the pressure of the world became too much. She struggled through her teen years, not really understanding her identity or how God fit into her life. These are exactly the type of young people Bielski is currently reaching out to. Bielski is a national speaker and founder of All4Him Ministries. Her life passion is to encourage those young people who are simply pew sitters to live a life connected to Jesus.

In college, Mary got converted. As she interacted with teens in her parish, she saw herself in them. Many of them saw religion as simply a bunch of rules. They were gripped with a fear, a fear of being different then their friends and sticking out. Mary realized that these teens did not know who they were, because they didn't really know who God was.

Bielski understands youth. The thing that sets Mary apart from other national speakers is that she understands Catholic youth. She understands their need for the authentic, and she offers it in her open and honest way of communicating. She shares her own struggles she had growing up, causing teens to realize they are not alone.

It is a difficult and sometime awkward thing to grow up in a culture with so much pressure and temptations on young people. Mary lets students know that they are not left to push through their pain on their own, that there is a God who passionately loves them and wants to get to know them.

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Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski