Passionate, Relevant & Real. Mary’s inspiring talks cut to the heart of the Gospel message. Using funny stories and engaging analogies, Mary’s talks draw teens to the beauty of our Catholic faith, a deeper love for Christ, the Eucharist, and the universal call to holiness. Click on the topic titles to see full description…

Mary's Talk Topics

Jesus Christ, Super Star

In a world of rock stars, celebrities, and entertainment news, this talk is an introductory talk on the ultimate rock star: Jesus Christ. It uses an analogy placing teens at a rock concert with Jesus. This talk unwraps the gospel message that through Christ’s death we have been purchased and have an ALL ACCESS pass to God. Thus, our call is not to just go to the concert, but to go BACKSTAGE and meet this rock star face-to-face. It is a call to an intimate relationship with Jesus.

The Unchanging Love of God the Father.

In our constantly changing world of the internet, television, and nonstop motion, how do we fathom the love of our God as UNCHANGING? No matter what relationship teens have with their earthly father, this talk specifically unpacks the gospel message of God as the ultimate “Father” whose UNCHANGING love is calling us into constant relationship.

The HOLY SPIRIT: Fire, Wind, Water…a Dove????

The Holy Spirit is often a misunderstood person of the trinity. As our greatest advocate, power and strength, the Holy Spirit breathes life into our faith and the Church. This talk helps teens understand the mystery of the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives.

Mary, Our Mother

Mary is the mother of God, the New Eve, Ark of the New Covenant, our Model and Mother. This talk brings to life not only the theology of Mary within our Catholic faith, but also the heart of Mary as mother, OUR MOTHER.

Women's Session: The Truth about Love.

***My most requested talk.*** This talk is for the ladies, but can be tailored to a co-ed audience. Focusing on the virtue of chastity as being more than just “no sex,” this talk aims to show a fuller picture of our identity as women in Christ, and it exposes the lies the world offers regarding a woman’s body and her sexuality. Through funny stories and compelling witness, this talk gives a message of hope for purity and freedom found in the love and power of Jesus.

An Introduction to the Theology of the Body: Naked Without Shame

This talk presents the two hottest topics on the planet for teens: God and sex. Pope John Paul II "marries" these two topics through his compelling vision for love and life. Using a mix of real-life examples, personal stories, and references relevant to teen culture, this talk introduces teens to the Theology of the Body and helps them answer questions they have about their own bodies, sexual morality, and their unique call to greatness.


Created for college students and young adults, this three-part series unpacks the key concepts of Pope John Paul II’s teachings on the Theology of the Body. Using PowerPoint slides and personal witness, these workshops dive deeper into the teachings and structure of the Theology of the Body. It provides and defines original terms, scriptural references, and an overview of JPII’s “Original,” “Historical” and “Eschatological Man.” This talk is perfect for those want a greater understanding on what JPII describes as the “adequate anthropology,“ the vision and fulfillment of the human person.

Living Justice, Living Mercy: Mathew 25

Three billion of the world’s population struggle to survive off of less than 2 dollars a day. Millions of people die of starvation, without homes or clean water, while I sip my Starbucks latte. In Matthew 25, the words of Jesus are very clear: We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world. What does solidarity with the poor mean? And how do we respond as Catholics? This talk invites us into a journey with Christ’s heart in service with and for the poor.

Community: The Mystical Body of Christ.

“We are one body” is more than a song we sang in grade school or church. We live as part of a true MYSTICAL body, the Church. This talk describes the meaning of being part of a church body and our call to serve that community with our individual gifts.

Prayer: Staying Connected

1.One of the most essential and yet challenging parts of a young Catholic’s life: PRAYER. What is it? Why is it so important? And most of all, HOW DO WE DO IT? This talk walks through a personal journey of prayer. Taking away the “thou arts” and other fancy words, this talk invites teens into an authentic and intimate prayer experience that is practical, personal, and can be lived out in their daily life.

Becoming a Vessel of God’s love

Starbucks cups, round mugs, tall vases-- we are all cracked vessels. God wants to fill us and use us in a world that is in need of His Gospel message and love. This talk is about how the love of Christ transforms us into the face of Christ in the world today.

Eucharist & The Mass: True Body, Soul and Divinity…

THE MOST AMAZING AND PROFOUND GIFT… The source and summit of our faith…The Eucharist!!! Through exploring the meaning of the Bread of Life Discourse (John 6) and sharing person experience, this talk dives into a deeper understanding of the mystery of the Eucharist and the beauty of the mass.

Will You Let Him Wash Your Feet? A Call to Confession.

This talk walks through the theological understanding of confession, an often misunderstood sacrament in our Catholic faith. Why do we go to confession and how can this sacrament bring us to a deeper experience of forgiveness, humility, and grace? This talk is an invitation to open your heart to the gift of this beautiful sacrament and allow our Savior to wash your feet.

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Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski