Mary Bielski with Church Group

“MARRrrrrry.. WE LOVE YOU!!! Your talk at Steubenville East was AmAZZInG!!!”

Samantha, 16 years old

Mary Bielski with Church Group


“I heard Mary speak last weekend. Her women’s talk really hit me hard! I feel like I have just been ‘going through the motions’ these past years. Her talk sparked something in me, and reminded me that everything we do is for HIS GLORY. After this weekend, I really want to offer my life to God.”

Tori, 18 years old

“Mary is so real, not condescending, and she didn’t just quote bible verses at us. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done. She helped me get God back into my life.”

Heather, 17 years old

“Mary’s talk changed my life this weekend! I used to look at myself and never saw someone beautiful. Listening to the things she said made me love myself... This is the start of my new beginning... My faith is not just about going to church every Sunday but truly follow Jesus. What she said helped me realize that I need to love CHRIST by following him all the time!!”

Victoria, 15 years old

"After spending a whole year feeling your self-worth dwindle, it's good to hear God speak through Mary to remind you of what you are really worth. Through Mary’s talk, God spoke to me and helped my hesitation of vowing purity finally become a promise."

Victoria, 14 years old

Mary is a candid, passionate, and an empowering speaker! It is clear that Mary is inspired by the Holy Spirit. God speaks through her straight to the hearts of the people that need to hear it most. She has a fresh, “all barriers down” approach to her talks that is both endearing and POWERFUL!

Caroline, 18 years old

Mary is my Favorite Steubenville Speaker! The work that she does in the name of the Lord is absolutely phenomenal, and truly inspiring. I admire her tremendously and frequently pray for her because I know she is deeply affecting many young people with her talks!

Hannah, 18 years old



“I have worked side by side with Mary at several conferences and have seen that she is the real deal, a real disciple. Her ministry comes from her prayer, reliance on the Holy Spirit, communion with the Church, and a deep connection with the human condition. In ways humorous and profound, she calls audiences to holy living and makes us really want to go with her.”

Fr. Tim Hepburn, Campus Ministry, Georgia Tech
Archdiocese of Atlanta

“Mary Bielski is one of the most gifted speakers in the Church today.  Her passion for Jesus is evident in her life and in her ministry.  Mary has a unique ability to communicate the Gospel in a relevant manner as well as to draw people into a deep encounter with God.  There is no doubt that she is a true gift and blessing in the Church.”

Paul George Director/Co-founder, Adore Ministries

“In my over ten years of ministry, having attended countless teen retreats, conferences, and youth rallies, Mary Bielski was the best women’s chastity speaker I’ve encountered. Eight months after our diocesan retreat, my teens continue to talk about Mary, the content of her talk, and how it impacted them. Mary was easy and fun to work with, engaged teens from the moment they walked in the door, and challenged them to look honestly at themselves. Most of all, in sharing her heart, Mary shared the infinite love of God in such a way that inspired teens to open themselves to the Lord.”

Julie Amatangelo, Youth Minister
Diocese of Pittsburgh

Mary is truly on fire for our Lord and rooted in the Sacraments. The Holy Spirit works powerfully through her talks to move young hearts to authentic conversion. As her namesake, Mary lives her faith through daily FIATs, seeking God's will for her own life and challenging teens to do the same.

Cindy Black, Director of Youth Ministry
Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend



Mary Bielski is a dynamic and motivating speaker for youth.  Her own walk with Christ shines through her talks.  She is funny, engaging, and current.  The teens fell in love with Mary at Steubenville, when we had the pleasure to first hear her speak. She is personable and relatable.  At a local diocesan homeless retreat, Mary spoke with several of my teens one on one, and is so down to earth.  If Mary is in town, I will be there.

Karen Underwood, Former youth minister of Espiritu Santo Catholic Church Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida

"Mary is an amazing and passionate woman of God! Her humor and creativity in ministering the love of Christ is relational and authentic. After spending time with Mary, my teens felt encouraged and motivated to develop their relationship with Jesus and not give up."

Tricia Collins, Volunteer Youth Minister
Boston, MA

I was so edified by Mary’s witness and challenge to our kids. I was moved by a number of the things she said which were important in my conversion. Her talk helped me remember that if I have Christ, I have EVERYthing…

Marijanna Rose Lokitis, Youth Leader

We brought 30 teens and five adults to the Atlanta Conference. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit work though Mary. Our young ladies thoroughly enjoyed her talk and learned from it. God Bless you. You are truly a gift!

Barbara Sabatino, Youth Leader

Mary Bielski

Mary Bielski