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National Speaker + Youth Minister

I’m an authentic,
Holy Spirit-seekin’, coffee-lovin’ ginger with a passion for the Lord.

Mary Bielski with her arms crossed
Mary Bielski in a teal shirt, up against a white wall
Mary Bieslki – Hands open, speaking

About Mary Bielski

I have been involved in ministry for over 15 years, speaking to over 100,000 youth and young adults around the nation at parish missions, ministry trainings, and retreats and conferences. Through my passion and teaching, I seek to draw my audience to the beauty of the Catholic faith, a deeper love for Christ, the Eucharist, and the call to holiness.

Through my years of ministry, I have also worked with the LA Congress, the Applied Biblical Studies Conference, and multiple parish and diocesan events. 


Adore Ministries, Renewal Ministries, 4PM Media, Steubenville Conferences, YDisciple, Project Light, Echo, and the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry.


Undergraduate in Theology and Psychology.

Masters in Theological Studies with a focus in Pastoral Leadership at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mary’s mission is dedicated to transforming lives through the saving power of Christ.

She does this in four ways:

2. Collaborations

Mary partners with other national apostolates, non-profit organizations, churches and dioceses through evangelization initiatives, media projects, and social justice missions to serve a variety of community needs.

4. Mentoring & Coaching

Training and guidance is vital for success. Mary provides one-on-one mentoring & group formation to lead and grow the next generation in their journey with Christ.

All men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting their own life. In a certain sense, they are called to make of it a work of art,

a masterpiece.

John Paul II

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