The “good news” Jesus preached is about something more.

Truth moment for a moment: I have spent my entire life never feeling enough, always comparing myself, my gifts, and my ministry to others. I want to talk about what it means to Be You.

Being you means reclaiming the authentic person you are. It means an end to the comparison of your story to the story of another. Why is this so essential?

God needs you! God allows Himself to be needed by us. How incredible is that?! He entrusts the mission of spreading the “good news” of Jesus Christ to us. Free creatures. He needs your gifts, your talents, your ridiculousness in moments. He needs YOU!

There is a unique call, a unique mission, that only you can fulfill. He has given the Church, the sacraments, and charismatic gifts to equip us.

Here is the secret no one is talking about.

Heaven is real, beautiful, and true. Our Christian life is not just centered on us getting to heaven. Heaven is not a reality we hope for someday with harps and clouds and our best friends. Everything in the Christian life is about heaven getting into us right now, here, today.

God has given the Holy Spirit to transform us, empower us, and equip us so that we can manifest Christ to the world.

We are part of the mission of restoring all of creation.

God needs you to be authentically you.

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As an evangelist — someone who wants to awaken the church and bring revival — I have stood in front of 100,000 adults and youth pointed them to the One, the only One, who could ever truly tell them who they are and whose they are. 

Be Brave. It is time to arise and claim your true identity in Christ, let Him transform you to who you were created to be!

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We have an identity crisis in the church;
we don’t know who we are and whose we are and
it’s time to arise and claim our true identity in Christ.

- Mary Bielski

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