We all wrestle with “gremlins.”

It takes courage to own your story and to live your failures without shame.

We all wrestle with “gremlins.” These “gremlins” come in many forms, but they all have something in common. They are lies. Lies of the world. Lies of the society. Lies of our own hearts.

You are not good enough.

You are not beautiful enough.

You are unforgivable.

You are not desired. 

The Devil has a tactic: as he tempts us to sin, he tells us “it’s not a big deal, everyone is doing it.” After we fall, in our shame, we are told “look what you did, and now you are all alone.”

Rinse. Repeat.

Here’s the thing. To be a saint is a journey, and a messy one at that, but it is WELL worth it. Restoration is a process that is not easy, but His grace is sufficient for you and I.

What I have learned is this: the only way out is through the Cross. We like to preach the love (and trust me, it is all about love). We like to talk of hope and possibility and redemption. But we are being redeemed from something. We have a God who loves us totally but he will ask for everything in return – every lie, every idol, every pattern of sin – all the ways we have allowed the enemy to bind our hearts from authentic relationship.

We all wrestle with “gremlins” but we do not wrestle alone.

He is with us, fighting for our hearts.

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As an evangelist — someone who wants to awaken the church and bring revival — I have stood in front of 100,000 adults and youth pointed them to the One, the only One, who could ever truly tell them who they are and whose they are. 

Be Brave. It is time to arise and claim your true identity in Christ, let Him transform you to who you were created to be!

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We have an identity crisis in the church;
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it’s time to arise and claim our true identity in Christ.

- Mary Bielski

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